CBD Self-Care

This is the best way to take care of yourself! At The Green Tea Spa our goal is to help you enable a self-care routine with the help of CBD and us! One goal of CBD is to induce homeostasis

and self-care is so important for that!

Here at The Green Tea Spa we want to enable you to have an affordable self-care routine.

For $65 a month that gives you one 60 minute therapeutic massage. Also our 90 minute therapeutic massage membership price is $85.  You can add a family member or spouse for $55 or $72 for a 90 minute therapeutic massage. You can request aromatherapy for any massage treatment. For any additional massage service during that month you will receive a discounted rate of $59 or $76 for a 90 minute therapeutic massage. At $59 or $76  you can come as often as you like.


Another awesome perk is that these services rollover! So say you can't come in this month it will rollover to the next month. Have you racked up a few extra massages? Feel free to gift them to friends or family.

You can also bring someone in with you and they will receive the discounted rate of

$59 or $76 for their therapeutic massage too!


As a member of The Green Tea Self-Care Program you will also receive 15% off all products.

We only ask that you commit to the program for a 3 or 6 month period, after that it goes

month to month! We feel it is so important to make time

for self-care in the busy world that we live in.







1356 Garnet Ave.
San Diego, CA 92109